Playa del Carmen Restaurants

For those who are new to Playa del Carmen, we understand how complex the process in becoming familiarized with a new city can be. It is said that the best way to discover the true magic of a region is to wander out and get lost in it. However, we can certainly empathize with those of you who have a different travel style, a more prepared plan of action when taking your first exhilarating step into a foreign land.

We have put together a restaurant guide, which you can use to help navigate through the plethora of dining option which line the famous, pedestrian entertainment district, 5th Avenue. From budget friendly eateries to romantic restaurants to exquisite roof top lounges, this extensive and continually updated list provides all the information you will need to enjoy an exceptional dining experience over and over again in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen boasts a variety of restaurants to accommodate all types of travelers from smoothies to authentic Mayan dishes. Our staff has compiled a list of their favorites to pass on to our guests. Enjoy!